Below we have provided some FAQS and information about mooring installation repair and maintenance. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

How often should I get my mooring checked?

Your mooring should be inspected at least once per year.  Your mooring will not always need work but it is a good idea to check it for any issues and a small investment considering the value of your boat.  Insurance certification is only valid for one year from the date of inspection. 

barge with mooring weight

How much weight do I need for my mooring? 

Below is a diagram that should give you a rough idea of how much weight you will need. This can vary depending on type of boat , type of bottom and location.

What do I do in the event that there is a hurricane?

If you are planning to leave your boat in the water then your boat should be on an inspected mooring that has been designed for your size of boat.  BMS can make sure that your mooring is in good condition and big enough for the job, but it is the owners responsibility to make sure that the boat is secured to the mooring correctly. BMS can make custom bridles for your boat , but we always  recommend Chain on deck wherever possible especially in a named storm.

How long should my mooring last?  

The upchain is generally the first thing to go on a mooring , depending on location most upchains should last 3-4 years.   The other components including the weight , ground chain and buoy should last much longer.

mooring services

Can I get a certificate for my insurance company? 

BMS can provide a certificate for insurance purposes once we have inspected the mooring.  All certificates are valid for one year from the date of inspection. It is important to make sure that  your insurance company covers your boat on your mooring, not all areas that have moorings are covered. It is also worth noting that some insurance companies give a discount to vessels that are out of the water.  Contact your insurance company if your boat is going to be out of the water for any long period.